It’s been a good 25 years.  Very good.  So what does a 52-year old youth pastor do when she still wants to be in youth ministry?  She starts a new project.  She continues Wild Frontier living. 

The new project is  Wild Frontier living has required lots of brave moments.  Bravester is the collection of brave thoughts and brave teachings.  Our Wild Frontier blogs will be moved to this new site as they are brave thinking blogs.  Several new bloggers will be joining us also at Bravester.  These blogs will provide lots of fresh and vulnerable content as these brave people share with us their growth. 

In the following months Bravester will also feature a video series called “Note to Self.”  Brave thoughts will be matched with the writings of singer and songwriter, John Amodea.  

Another Bravester feature is Brave Dating Coach.  These classes and teaching opportunities are an outgrowth of Brenda Seefeldt’s 35 years of youth ministry and coaching many grown teens through dating and into marriage.  Brave dating is dating to discover who you are.  The result of this learning process will then lead to a good match for that love for a lifetime.  This may sound “different.”  But then again, this has its roots in Wild Frontier living.  

Check everything out at  Capture a meme and tell others about this new site.  Check out the blog writers regularly.  We are very excited about all this.  

What this means for the 25 years of content here at Wild Frontier is it will stay here just as it is.  It is as clickable and searchable as it always has been.  Our monthly published resource, Moms & Pops Stuff, will release its last issue October, 2015.  This has been by far our most popular resource as a tool to give parents to help them pass on their faith to their own children.  Popularity hasn’t waned but the time has come to move on to this new project of Bravester. 

It’s been a good 25 years here on the Wild Frontier.  Thanks for being on this journey with us.  Please join us on our next brave adventure.