What started as a call Brenda Seefeldt received in 1983 came into fruition in 1990.  Those 7 years of waiting took so long! And now Wild Frontier is celebrating 25 years! 

It started with a deep gut feeling that there was “more” to youth ministry.  Brenda Seefeldt was so young back then and so young in youth ministry but she still felt that there was “more” out there.  On that night in June 1983 in Alexandria, Minnesota, that “more” led to a time of seeking which led to a download of plans into Brenda’s brain. 

Then the time finally came when Brenda could kick off these nebulous ideas in January 1990.  What a ride it has been!  When you seek for that “more” you can only expect to go on a ride.  Bravery leads you to get on that ride--though it is rarely comfortable.  Seeking “more” cannot be comfortable. 

These early wrestling days led to CFBYM or Church Family Based Youth Ministry.  Brenda first wrote about it in 1993.  Many other contributors have joined with Brenda on this message.   The Wild Frontier page is loaded with those thoughts and ideas and Moms & Pops Stuff will continue to be published as a tool for youth workers to give parents to help them in passing along their faith to their teens.  (Brenda thanks the contributors immensely—she’d be nowhere without you.)

There is much to look back on in the 25 years of Wild Frontier.  But we are looking forward.  When you are “out there” there is not much time to look back. 

Something different is brewing in Brenda these days.  She is still active in youth ministry locally.  She also talks regularly to former teens who are now in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.  These are the ones who are inspiring her for the “more” that is coming.  It is exciting.  Though not wrapped into a form yet.  Wrestling will get “it” there.  Hopefully soon.  Stay tuned.  Changes are coming. 

The Wild Frontier mindset is alive and well.  It is a mindset that there is something more out there than what is normal or what is within human limitations. Only the brave dare to have this mindset. The brave dare to be vulnerable. The brave learn to recognize and expose numbing behaviors so that bravery can now be what defines our lives.  And vulnerability is the beginning of hope.