Welcome! We are excited to announce yet another web design change. As technology is ever changing, we have opportunity to better this site, yet again. To improve on our past website we have integrated many new features including inline article reader commenting, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ integration, and better organization of our free resources, videos, and articles.

But it is not just Wild Frontier.org that has been changed up. Our sister-site CFBYM.org also has received a much-needed update. We have completely redesigned CFBYM.org from the ground up and added many new social features including sharing, commenting and more.

 Finally but perhaps most importantly, the new version of our website puts Wild Frontier front and center as an online resource. We love what we do and believe in the potential of every teen—especially one that embraces his/her purpose found only in Jesus Christ.

We at Wild Frontier live with a “what’s next” mentality. If you have any ideas of “what’s next” can be, please let us know. Things are quite fluid on the Wild Frontier as long as God is the initiator of the call.