WF News: Congrats from the World of Youth Ministry

30 years - dudette! That's impressive and inspiring Brenda! Thanks for the example of longevity and dedication to this generation, and for your voice of experience and challenge to youth workers!

same team,
Danette Matty, speaker, author and trainer as well as part of the staff of Christ’s Place in Lincoln, Nebraska

On October 31, 2011, Brenda Seefeldt will celebrate 30 years of life in youth ministry.  Some of those friends from the past 30 years have expressed congratulations:


Didn't someone once say that you shouldn't trust anyone over 30? Where's that leave us with over 30 years of youth ministry experience.

Kudos to you Brenda, you good and faithful servant, for your labors in the younger vineyards. Thanks, too, for helping YouthWorker Journal bring depth and maturity to a variety of subjects over the years in your fine articles! --Steve Rabey, Editor of YouthWorker Journal



Congratulations on getting to this stage in your youth ministry career. I think you are an inspiration for all of us and a great person to point to when people ask when we are going to quit working with students and get a "real job". I appreciate your vision, ideas and passion for students and resourcing leaders. Keep it up for 30 more.

--Lars Rood, Lars Rood from Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas Texas, and author of his first book titled, Youth Ministry on a Shoestring: How to Do More with Less.


You're classic look into youth ministry is not just limited to the kids themselves but it extends to the whole family.Having grown up with you and your family in Monticello - FCA, youth..... It is a joy to know another fellow YOUTH WORKER from the area.Thanks for all you do to make a difference in this generation.

His Peace,
--Matt Reeve, Associate Pastor of Student Ministries at Parkside Church, Waconia, Minnesota


The elders of New Covenant Fellowship would like to offer our congratulations to Brenda Seefeldt on her thirty years of youth ministry. Many youth ministers see their work as a temporary effort or a stepping stone to something higher. But for Brenda, this ministry represents a high calling and worthy of a lifetime of passion and excellence. She is a rare and precious treasure in the Body of Christ. We are blessed to have her in our lives and ministry. Congratulations, Brenda!

--Robin, Bob and Don, pastors of Brenda’s home church since 1990, New Covenant Fellowship, Manassas, Virginia