A Confused Glimpse of What a Revival Might Look Like

Originally published in September 2000.

One of the boys I was discipling died March 9, 2000. Frank Brinson IV lived the last year-plus of his life as a committed Christian who's faith and lifestyle affected everyone he touched. That is why his death has so moved me.

At Frank's funeral his family's pastor gave the call to the 1,300 who attended to pick up where Frank left off. The call was for all to pick up their lives and win like Frank did. The call to carry on and live your life with God's Grace. The call to become the legacy Frank has left behind but you need to be saved, to know God like Frank did.

As I've written, twelve hundred students committed to follow Christ at that funeral! In one day! Twelve hundred!! This is the stuff I've heard of for years. The stuff I've been praying for for years. Now with the internet, these are stories that are forwarded to me. Stories that you hear from conference speakers at youth ministry conferences. Now here I am actually living out one of those stories. A revival had hit my high school.

Back to School and the Rest of the School Year

All across our nation, the last few weeks have been abuzz with excitement. Our televisions have been filled with ads and the source of this excitement has found its way into our living rooms and around our dinner tables. I bet that you have been a part of this excitement too. I’m not talking about a Presidential election; I’m talking about the start of a new school year. Every year, our youth face a wave of excitement and apprehension as they prepare for a new year that carries every bit as much meaning as January 1.

I can relate to their feelings because I experience this excitement and apprehension every year too as I prepare for and wonder about the students that God will put into my life through the desks of the public high school where I teach.  I am blessed with the double life of a youth minister and high school teacher and so I feel some degree of empathy with what our students go through on a yearly basis and I’ve tried to take the lessons that I’ve learned in the classroom into our youth group at church.

The Changing High School Experience

Originally published September 15, 2009.

Youth workers love high schools. Mostly because they are full of teenagers and we love teenagers.  However today’s high school experience is very different from what you experienced.  Today’s high school life is definitely not what you see in High School Musical.  It certainly isn’t like anything you saw in Saved by the Bell or Beverly Hills 90210 or even the recreation of 90210.  And certainly not Glee.  Even the “realistic” The Secret Life of the American Teenager doesn’t truly portray what today’s high school life is really like.