Wild Frontier Messages

Be Brave

The Be Brave messages are a combination of varying “modules” which can be mixed-and-matched to serve your goals.  Vulnerability, bravery, hope, worthiness, numbing, shame, gratitude are all a part of “Be Brave.”  Forgiveness is a vulnerable move that Brenda has two particularly brave messages on.  There are several brave Bible stories that Brenda tells her in way:  Jacob wrestling with God, the vulnerable Ananias, the brave woman who touched the hem of Jesus and the man who met Jesus at the pool at Bethesda and was finally healed. 

John has collected and written songs for the Be Brave messages that add a music ministry and depth to these life-changing messages.  John and Brenda have a back-and-forth repertoire that is endearing and truthful. 

Brenda is also available for youth ministry seminars and John is available for worship seminars.  They both know a lot about these topics and love to share.